10 reasons to use WordPress for your website

If you are a business owner looking for an efficient, effective way to establish and promote your presence online, WordPress is widely accepted as the tool of choice. With industry-leading features such as flexibility, scalability, and support from a global community of developers and users alike – it’s no wonder why so many small businesses have chosen WordPress over other content management systems (CMS). In this blog post, we will explore the top reasons why any business should consider using WordPress to power their website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an incredibly popular and powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and manage your website. It is an online platform, meaning there is no need to download any desktop software. WordPress has immense benefits for blogging, business, personal sites, or eCommerce stores and provides the user with a highly customisable experience. Its easy-to-use design makes building beautiful websites efficient and straightforward while also providing users with considerable flexibility in terms of services offered. With reliable customer service and continual updates, WordPress ensures a secure yet enjoyable online experience for everyone from the novice to experienced web developers. Whatever your website needs may be, from simple blogs to complex eCommerce stores, WordPress has you covered.

1. WordPress is reliable

When it comes to managing a website, reliability is key. By looking at the numbers, it’s clear that WordPress leads the CMS market with a share of 60%. Its usage far surpasses that of any other platform, such as Joomla, which has only around 5% of the market. What’s more, WordPress powers 34% of all websites worldwide and big-name sites such as TED and CNN are users, so you know it must be good. Each month there are an estimated 70 million new posts published on WordPress and 77 million new comments over the same period – figures that demonstrate its growing popularity. It’s safe to say that WordPress is incredibly reliable, and you can’t go wrong with choosing it to power your website.

2. WordPress support can help with troubleshooting

With over 70 million users and counting, the WordPress community can be an excellent source of help for website development issues. Whether one needs help with troubleshooting existing scripts, safety concerns, a plugin issue, or creating a unique extension – members of the WordPress group can quickly and efficiently provide all the necessary assistance. With forums full of information as well as access to expert groups across the globe, no troubleshooting problem within WordPress is too small or complex to seek help from this vast network of professionals.

Furthermore, you can get further help and support directly from the WordPress support team. Depending on your plan, this could include live chat support 24 hours per day or even access to weekend live chat agents if you have business or eCommerce plans. However, this resource will not be able to offer support for any third party.

3. WordPress makes SEO easy

WordPress is an excellent choice for any website since it gives you the power to optimise your page’s ranking on search engine results pages. It is known to have a strong focus on SEO, which allows its pages to consistently rank well in SERPs. WordPress sites frequently score highly due to their frequent updates, as well as their included tools and plugins specifically designed for content SEO optimisation. With WordPress hosting, it has never been easier to gain maximum visibility online. If you’re interested in this, Yoast SEO will be a top option for you to consider.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a powerful plugin that helps you make sure your website ranks as highly as possible on search engine results pages. It not only helps you monitor and upload engaging content but also provides suggestions on how to optimize it for the web. With the free version, you get quick guidance on how to set up and use the plugin, but for more comprehensive features, Yoast SEO Premium is the way to go. This paid option lets you access more keywords and related terms and sends notifications when updates are overdue. You’ll also get content insights, internal link suggestions, an ad-free experience, and plenty of other bonuses. Upgrading your SEO strategy with Yoast SEO Premium is worth it!

4. WordPress is flexible with customisable plugins

With its wide array of features and options, WordPress can help you build a website that suits your needs – from the simplest CMS for one person’s blog to a powerful platform powering an entire business. It is renowned for its flexibility in handling everything from simple content publishing to complex eCommerce operations, making it appealing to all levels of users. Even if there are certain features or customisation that you would like to add, many third-party applications and plugins are available which can be easily integrated into WordPress. So whether you’re a complete beginner just starting with web design or have been working on websites for years, you’ll find that WordPress offers something for everyone!

5. WordPress is safe and secure

With constantly evolving cyber security threats and malicious attacks on websites, it is crucial to ensure that your website remains secure. Fortunately, WordPress takes major measures to ensure you are safe by automatically installing minor updates as soon as they eliminate any security holes. To ensure nothing goes wrong and you have a backup plan in case of an emergency, it is recommended to enlist the services of a professional when considering major updates since they could potentially harm your site.

6. WordPress is easy to use

Setting up a new WordPress site is easy and can be completed with just a few clicks. After it’s active, you can use the posts section of your dashboard to write and publish blog posts. A text editor, formatting tools and ways to upload media let you create content quickly and easily. Making changes after publishing your content also doesn’t require any extra steps; simply use the visual editor to search for the post and make any modifications. To save them, click the ‘update’ button – it’s that simple!

7. WordPress has a REST API

If you’re a developer, WordPress offers a lot of features beyond what we discussed today. In particular, you can use the REST API to create custom applications and make changes on the front end. You are not limited to working in PHP since any programming language that is capable of making HTTP requests can do the job. It may be something you explore in the future or become interested in, even though it might seem like a foreign concept right now. Alternatively, you could always partner with a developer to come up with an app using this feature.

8. WordPress optimised for speed

It’s no secret that slow websites are useless. If your web pages take longer than three seconds to load, a considerable number of visitors will abandon their visits and look for the information they want elsewhere. WordPress knows this and has implemented several features and elements including lightweight themes, image compression plugins, Gzip compression options, caching, and minifying CSS and JS files to help speed up any website. Taking advantage of these tools can make a dramatic improvement in page loading speed as well as visitor engagement with your website; this means fewer bounce rates, better user experience, and increased conversions when using WordPress.

9. WordPress supports multilingual websites 

With a global reach and support for more than 160 languages, WordPress is a fantastic platform to create a website to reach out to customers around the world. Whilst English is the most widely used of all languages on WordPress, with 71% of all blogs published being written in it, there are still plenty of options on the platform for those who don’t speak or write in English. Whether you’re looking for an alternative language for a public-facing site or only using internal content, WordPress makes it easy for anyone to transition their sites into different types of localised content as required.

10. WordPress is extendable

Integrating third-party tools into a WordPress site is quite simple, as the platform is compatible with several types of software and applications. This means that integrating email marketing software, payment gateways, Google Analytics, and many other necessary components for running a website is possible simply by connecting them to WordPress. This simplicity of integration is made possible due to the popularity of WordPress as it means that third-party companies create their products to be compatible with the platform. Therefore, users can retain the platforms and resources they’ve become accustomed to while still using WordPress as the underlying foundation of their website.


WordPress has firmly secured itself as the world’s leading CMS platform, and it’s easy to understand why. Developed with both novice and experienced users in mind, WordPress is an intuitive system that provides a range of amazing features and customisation options – ensuring you end up with a website that caters to your exact needs. What’s more, the user-friendly interface makes it quick and easy to get up and running, while its open-source nature means there is a wealth of plugins, themes, tutorials and resources out there to help make your website unique. When it comes to creating great websites, WordPress stands apart from the rest.

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