The benefits of a WordPress Support Retainer

Are you looking for an effective way to expand your online presence? WordPress Support Retainers are the perfect solution! They provide all the benefits of in-house WordPress development and maintenance – such as improved security, increased speed and reliability, reduced downtime and costs – and offer additional flexibility, which can help free up time for other projects. With a reliable team on standby to manage any updates or changes that need to be made, you can rest assured your website is always running at its best. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore why implementing a WordPress support retainer makes sense financially while providing tangible results.

The benefits of a WordPress Support Retainer

Working with a WordPress consultancy under a retainer offers countless benefits to website owners. They will provide standard maintenance and technical support and can offer valuable insights for website management. An experienced consultancy partner can work closely with you to help ensure your website is reliable, generating leads and quickly able to publish content, all while optimising user experience and supporting your marketing strategy with data from analytics. For any site owner, this kind of partnership has several benefits:

Speedy and reliable solutions

Working with a retained WordPress consultancy can bring immense value to businesses seeking reliable and speedy solutions. An established knowledge base of your goals and priorities helps to streamline work as long briefing processes are no longer necessary.

In addition, knowing you have a dedicated team providing same-day support produces peace of mind that the project possesses sufficient resources and quick action when needed. Finally, the expertise of a dedicated website support team means they can get results faster and more intelligently, making the most of their allotted time for optimal success.

Consultative guidance and preventive maintenance

With WordPress Support Retainers, businesses can gain access to continual technical updates, consultative guidance and preventive maintenance. Furthermore, a retained consultancy provides a practical SEO framework that leverages higher rankings and leads. Last but not least, ensuring your website is regularly managed prevents any risks associated with leaving it unattended – such as lost opportunities for essential updates or introducing security flaws.

Get value for your money

A WordPress Support Retainer is optimal for organisations looking to control costs. By enlisting the services of an experienced WordPress consultancy on a support retainer, you can access professional advice and assistance while avoiding the costs associated with full-time resources. 

With predictable monthly spending incorporated into your yearly plan, investing in a support retainer is a cost-effective way to protect your website budget from surprises and emergencies that would otherwise have significant financial implications.

A true partnership

When partnering with a WordPress consultancy via a retainer agreement, you can benefit from the invested interest of your support provider. They are incentivised to ensure your website runs optimally and meets all your business objectives, ultimately strengthening your partnership.  

WordPress Support Retainers assure businesses their websites are in good hands, allowing them the security to concentrate on developing long-term enterprise strategies without continually worrying about their website’s performance.

Need regular work done on your WordPress website?

Keeping a WordPress site up and running can be a full-time job. If your website is seeing heavy traffic, or you don’t have the time or energy to do regular maintenance, there’s no need to keep your staff on hand for the job. 

Hiring a professional team of remote experts ready to go with a WordPress support retainer ensures that maintenance tasks like periodic updates, plugin installation, backups, and other optimisations will get done quickly and proficiently without any unnecessary disruption to your business. 

WordPress Support Retainers by Full Of Pixels

Full of Pixels offers WordPress Support Retainers, designed to help ensure your website is running smoothly and reliably. Our experienced team of professionals can provide everything from bug fixes to updates and more – all tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

With a responsive ticket system, unlimited support requests, and low introductory rates, there has never been an easier or more cost-effective way to keep your WordPress site running in peak condition. Contact us today at 01276 786 782 or at [email protected] to learn more about how our retainers can help you maximise the value of your website!

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