Technical SEO

Maximise your website’s potential organic search reach with Technical SEO.

Rank higher in search results and generate more leads with a strong technical foundation

Technical SEO is the foundation for a website's online visibility. Yet most websites are never fully optimised for search engines, by the people that build them. Often, fundamental SEO mistakes compound over time to inhibit performance in SERPs and, in extreme cases, prevent appearance entirely.

Effective Technical SEO requires a unique blend of front-end marketing and back-end development skills. Marketers lack the requisite technical skills, while developers are unfamiliar with the nuances of Search Engine Marketing.

We bridge the gap between marketing and development to keep websites easy to read for humans and bots alike. Whether you need project support, consultancy or hands-on management, we lay a stroung foundation for successul SEO campaigns.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO Services

Repair and maintenances services that improve how websites are crawled, rendered and indexed by search engines.

Technial SEO Audit

Comprehensive SEO technical audits that identify and fix technical SEO issues to maximise website visibility and improve user experience.

Backlink Analysis

A healthy link profile is essential. The wrong backlinks can harm rankings. A link audit will identify toxic links and ways to improve your link profile.

Content Audit

Your content needs to be SEO friendly. A content audit will also illustrate whether your content is optimised for search engines and your audience.

Keyword Research

Target the right keywords with every campaign and uncover new keyword opportunties to satisfy your audiences search intent.

Competitor Analysis

Get a complete overview of your competitors optimisation tactics to find untapped opportunities to improve your SEO performance.

PageSpeed Optimisation

Your website is often a user’s first experience with your business. Speed up your website run faster to convert more customers.

Google Penalty Recovery

When things go wrong, we help put them right. Link audits, content audits, and the removal of any manual actions to get your website back up where it belongs.

Image Optimisation

Large images slow reduce site speed and drive away page visitors. Reduce load time and attract more customers with fully optimised images.

Website Migration

Few things can ruin organic rankings faster than a poor site migration. We develop a robust migration plan to avoid losing valuable traffic.

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Uncover the issues holding your website back with a comprehensive Technical SEO audit

A technical SEO audit is the best way to determine which issues your website is facing and why it is not ranking on search engines. It takes a deep look into the on-site and off-site components of your website SEO.

Solution Orientated

For every problem identified we provide the solution and in an order that provides the quickest returns.

Actionable Insights

All reports are written in plain English and are easy to understand and follow.

Return On Investment

A website that is run well is not the main priority. The main priority is always tied to business outcomes.


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